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What is a source? How do I use sources in my Socialphy Post?

posted this on August 25, 2011 09:33

For every Post that you create on Socialphy, you will be asked to provide your source(s). You have several options. All content should have a source. This is important because it maintains the credibility of Socialphy and gives credit to the original creator of the content. You can add a source by typing the URL of the source in the box and clicking the green plus sign. You may add up to five different sources.


Don't forget to click the green plus sign after you have entered the URL! You will know your source has been added successfully when it looks like this:


You can select the option "Original content or a compliation" if you have created your own content and/or used a combination of your content and content from other uknown sources. If you know the various sources you are using, you must add them. You can add outside sources and select the "Original content or a compliation" option. 

Remember that all sources must be specific (for example, is not specific enough, but is). A Post could be taken down and sent to Drafts by a moderator if the source is not correct or specific enough. 

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